Football is Less Popular Game in South Asia

The world famous sport of soccer is not popular game, when it is about the sports activities of this region. No doubt, according to daily news sport there are a lot of regional and international games which are quite famous among masses. But still there are a few games which represent the true gaming capacity of the South Asians. To name a few, cricket, hockey and other regional and domestic level games are the main stream sports. Moreover, South Asians are typically brained washed in their colonial era, as they love to play cricket in their leisure time. Spending a lot of time on cricket has become the hall mark of the people of Sub Continent and cricket has become the ultimate time pass for them, as daily news sports only depict such popular sports.

Similarly, there are not opportunities for those guys who are into playing other games like hockey, basketball or the world famous, Football. No matter what happens, they follow the popular trends, whether its advertisement, entertainment or social sector development for the sporting activities. Cricket is the only game in the lime light. Only thing which can change this mind set is the absolute media campaigns, which could overcome the typical mindset of South Asians. Similarly if the national teams of these countries take part in the international events of soccer, then it can bounce back the deep impact of the most famous game, cricket. Unfortunately, South Asians are not event taking it as a serious note to support their national teams in such mega events so far. On the same time daily news sports focuses that government level intervention can play a pivotal role for the betterment and equilibrium of different sports. If the state government takes an initiative, it will benefit a lot in terms of international investment and revenue generation. Similarly countries could easily represent themselves in the main stream world events. Luckily the recent Soccer World Cup played a vital role in enhancing the value of this game in the minds of general people.

Furthermore, if soccer is affiliated with different campaigns and associated events, then it can help a lot in maintaining a balance. Currently all motivation is associated with the game of cricket which is quite awful. The misery of the sport of football can be noticed in terms of lack of interest and coordination. Moreover, the whole responsibility cannot be placed on the shoulders of the state governments indeed. Citizen has to do the same, if they are not showing their keen interest in the world famous sport of soccer, then how government could focus its huge investment plans for the betterment of the sport. On the other hand responsibility also lies on the media as well, if it can broadcast the daily news sport, then it will be more appreciating in terms of supporting this world famous sport. If media is able enough to launch a good media campaign in favor of this fame game, then results will be sky high.