The Proud Team of the Houston Texans

Everybody knows that the Houston Texans are all prepared for 2013. However, how much do fans really know about this team including its history, the coach, the stadium, and other important details? They first joined the National Football League in 2002 and the team is a part of the South Division of the American Football Conference. The Texans were an expansion team of the Houston Oilers, also known as the Tennessee Titans. In 2011, they emerged as the champions of the AFC South. They managed to hold on to the same title in 2012. Majority of the team is owned by Bob McNair, a famous philanthropist and a businessman. Every season, they play six of the 16 games against other teams of the same division. At the end of the recently concluded 2012 season, there were two teams to which the Texans never lost: the Miami Dolphins and the Chicago Bears. However, there are also 3 teams which they have never defeated: the Minnesota Vikings, the San Diego Chargers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Reliant Stadium is where the team’s home-based games are held. If one checks the Texans game schedule that is held in their very own place, it is in this very arena where the Texans, their opponent, and the audience get together. This stadium can support more than 71, 000 people, and has a total area of 1.9 million square feet. It even has genuine grass surface. This arena was where the Super Bowl XXXVIII was held in 2004. One unique feature of this stadium is its retractable roof, which is created with transparent fabric roof making it look as if it glows from within, especially in the evenings. This arena also utilizes a lot of glass which gives an open air feel to everyone inside. Their current coach is Gary Kubiak. It was under his “coachship” when the Texans first attained their first winning season. At that time, the team was able to defeat the New England Patriots at the Reliant Stadium and ended with a score 9 – 7 in 2009 season. Kubiak also coached two other teams in 1994 and 1995 – 2005.

Although the teams’ defensive techniques are not that noteworthy, under Kubiak’s training, their offensive methods are noted to be one of top notch forces in the football league. For Texan fans, giving themselves a treat by viewing the team play in person, whether at their home stadium or at their opponents’ arena, is always an excellent way to have fun and enjoy time leisurely. Texans tickets are always available on the net for everybody who wants to see the game. This year, the Texans are set off to conquer not only the South Division but entire NFL.